World Class Leader

Hartford Profile
  1. Established in 1965
  2. Floor space: 80,000 square meters
  3. Number of Employees: 500
  4. Number of Subsidiary Factories: 3
  5. Over 300 offices in 65 countries
  6. 95% In-house production capability
  7. Certified ISO9001 and AS9100

Why Hartford Means Machining Center in Taiwan

  1. Hartford has 50 years of experience in machining center research, development and manufacturing.
  2. Hartford is the largest machining center manufacture in Taiwan and is a world-class factory over the world.
  3. Hartford owns the largest in-house manufacturing facility in Taiwan.
  4. Hartford has successfully installed over 46,000 machines in more than 65 countries worldwide.
  5. Hartford always leads the industry with the latest machining center technological advancements, strategically applied to maximize benefits for each customer.
  6. Hartford’s Research & Development Center in Taiwan is qualified by Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs in machining center.
  7. Taiwan Export performance ranking in Machining Center: No.1 ( Provided by CCIS/Taiwan largest and leading credit information agency )