Hartford.AI Introduction

  • AI Efficient lubrication management

    Oil lubrication time adjusted by machining speed so that the oil is saved up to 50%.

  • AI Tool breakage detection

    Available with tool size 6mm above

    Tool wears when electric current ratio increased When tool abrasion over than your setting, machine alarms to avoid tool breakage
  • AI Thermal compensation


    Achieving good accuracy as in constant temperature room


    Thermal displacement problem is improved up to 60% Vertical machining center: 0.03 mm Double column machining center: 0.04 mm
  • AI Intelligent chip collection

    Available with customer who has a large amount chips when heavy machining


    Chip screw operation depends on spindle electric current Chip screw counter-wise rotates automatically when chip too much to avoid machine

  • AI Facial recognition system

    Face ID log-in authority

    Recognition success :

    Recognition name shown Change your language to your setting Change authority to your setting

    Recognition fail :

    ”No authority to log-in” shown Keep original language Keep original authority

    Recognition time: 2 seconds

    Recognition accuracy: 100%s

    Reminder: Light is suggested to be placed on the regular side of facial frame when users start taking picture


    Coming Soon