Hartrol Plus is a brand new intelligent controller combined with Hartrol,Hartnet and Hartford electrical functions together which developed and made by Hartford.

  • HMI and operation is user friendly, it can achieve:
  • 1.Internet connection, collect and data analysis, monitoring by portable device.
  • 2.Intelligent control: Auto revise human error.

Hartrol Plus Intelligent Controller

Hartrol Plus Controller

  • Hartrol Plus 1
    1. Recommend industry:High accuracy die & mold
    2. Screen: 19”
    3. Max. workpiece coordinate system: 54 sets(opt. 300)
    4. SSS control: 270KBM
    5. Max. blocks in pre-read buffer: 2700
  • Hartrol Plus 2
    1. Recommend industry:Die & mold/parts machining
    2. Screen: 19”
    3. Max. workpiece coordinate system: 54 sets
    4. SSS control: 67.5KBM
    5. Max. block in pre-read buffer: 1350
  • Hartrol Plus 3
    1. Recommend industry:Parts machining
    2. Screen: 15”
    3. Max. workpiece coordinate system: 54 sets
    4. SSS control: 67.5KBM
    5. Max. blocks in pre-read buffer: 1350

The Powerful Functions of Hartrol Plus

The fastest CNC in the world.


Ultra-fast hard Drive max. storage 32GB.Rapid programming Access.

32 G

Convenient Operation with 19” multi-point touch screen.


2700 pcs look ahead blocks maximizes machining efficiency

2700 pcs

Multiple functions enhances up to 20% machining efficiency

20 %

More than 40 value-added APPs

40 pcs

The intelligent controller you should have

With three major solutions, Hartrol Plus takes your machining to next level. Highly optimized and intelligent control bring even more capabilities and productivity to your metal cutting processes. With ease use, advanced automation and smart data collection, Hartrol Plus is essential tool for enhancing performance on your production floor.

Hartrol Plus Examples

Save time and cost!Cost down to20%

Fast、Flexible、and user friendly.Make instant changes to your part programs easily and efficiently.

Remote managemen system-CCD

Do you want to check machine status when machining ?

High safetyYou can check machining status without open the door.

High efficiencyNo need to check machining quality until it is finished, you can adjust parameter by watching.

Alarm Video Recording

Video provides information to do analysis. Accident before 30 sec and after 30 sec.Before 30 sec: knowing how it happens? After 30 sec: knowing what next comes

19” Multi Touch Screen

To controllers advanced multi-touch capabilities allow you to simplify your machining process through even faster and smoother operarion. With advantage of smart multi-touch functions the mechanic can now create or edit programs faster and but easier yet still remain the accuracy, multi-function and control that is required for today's most advanced operations.


E-book contain knowledges which offer operator to get access through it easily and accurately. To be mentioned, the data base is customized and personalized.Pile of printed paper will no longer be needed.

Select the desired document and view it directly displayed on the screen to save time and paper cost.