Smartcenter is Smart machine center, an intelligent machine if put it in a simple way. A Hartford Smartcenter has to include

  • 1. Intelligent operating interface
  • 2. Intelligent machining: Machining accuracy, surface accuracy,self learning and self optimizing
  • 3. Intelligent quality control: Auto compensation for machining accuracy
  • 4. Intelligent maintenance program: Active notification, active machine down time schedule also include other intelligent functions

helping user reaching the target of Zero Downtime.

Smartcenter Introduction

  • 01 Internet

    • Wake up lan and warm up
    • Hartrol Plus online update
    • Alarm report system
    • Userconnect
  • 02 Intelligent

    • Auto. QC
    • AFC (Auto Feedrate Control)
    • HartCAM
    • Spindle vibration intelligent monitoring system
    • ZDT
  • 03 Automation

    • Auto door
    • Robocell HMI
    • GUI Reporter
  • 04 Precision without environment temperature effect

    • Thermal compensation on spindle dual axes
    • AI environment thermal displacement compensation
  • 05 Intelligent management

    • Alarm history
    • CCD
    • Utilization management
    • Production analysis
  • 06 Intelligent energy saving

    • Eco Monitor
    • Machining countdown
    • Predict machining time
APPs that you may use during machining
APPs that you can use before machining
Remote on/off,warm-up(OP.)
Workpiece calibration
Canned cycle(OP.)
File transfer
Hartrol plus online update
APPs that you can use when machining
Spindle thermal compensation (OP.)
Machining countdown
Tool compensation
Alarm report(OP.)
APPs that you can use after machining